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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Cayla Onesie!

One of my good friends from college, Amanda Cooper-Lebrecht (My RD when I was an RA) recently got married and is prego with her first baby, a little girl, who they are naming Cayla Lynn!  I was exstatic at the news and decided to make a little something for Cayla...  (*** For those of you who have been pregnant since I arrived in Korea, I'm sorry for not making anything for your little ones... I just got the Martha Stewart bug this week and had to create something!)

So, I went to Gukje Market to find a onesie and some fabric!  

I found a light pink onesie at an adorable shop for kiddos!  The rest of the fabric (for the flowers) was found at local thrift stores... 1,000 won a piece! (About .80 cents)  I bought a pink sparkly sweater, an avocado green vest, a polka dotted brown skirt and used the brown lining, an aqua and white polka dotted tank top, and a white silky feeling tank top!  Then, I stopped over at my favorite button store and picked up some wood buttons and a string of pink braiding for the letters and the stem of the flowers! 

Introduing my very first onesie creation!

I put her name, in Korean, on the back of the shirt.  *** After I finished the lettering, I looked at it and realized I glued the "L" sound backwards!  :(  It should look like this: .  I tried to take it off and it wouldn't budge (darn fabric glue!), so I reluctantly convinced myself that it gave the onesie more character!

I had a lot of left over material, so I created an elastic headband too!   Thanks to my right hand designer, Aaron, who helped me figure out how to add the elastic!  :)

I hope she likes it! :)


  1. Wow Jill, I am impressed!! You are quite the martha stewart these days. At least when you are not traveling that is.. :-)

  2. these are adorable, jill! you are so talented!

  3. you did such a great job, so creative. i love it!

  4. Amazing work Jillers! So adorable. :)