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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Silly Koreans!

Introducing Moon and Bob!

I met Bob on a city bus, almost a year ago, and we immediately took advantage of the opportunity to do a language exchange, and share a meal together once in a while!  (I have no idea why I have never blogged about him before).  Anyway, 1 year later, I consider him a friend of mine!  My first Korean friend, outside of work!   I am his first foreigner friend, EVER!  In fact, I am the first foreigner he has ever talked to!  Crazy, huh?!

Last night, the 3 of us met for dinner in Nampodong and had noodles at a Japanese/Korean fushion restaurant!  While we were there, we were eating really slowly, and talking in-between bites!  The owner came over and told us, in Korean, that we should stop talking, and eat, because the longer the noodles sit, the more they will expand, and ultimately, we will get fatter!  How hilarious is that?!

So, note to self,
The faster you eat your noodles, the less weight you'll gain!

After dinner, we walked around Nampodong and did some window shopping!  The guys told me they wanted to take me to a store that they thought I would like, because it sells, "fancy toys!"  I started laughing and asked, "What are fancy toys?!"  Their response, "Fancy toys are for special occassions," which then made me laugh even more!

Come to find out, the store actually does sell, "fancy toys for special occassions!"  Korean guys come here to buy gifts for their girlfiriends!  So, I sent the guys on a mission, asking... "If you had a girlfriend, what would you buy her?"  Moon very seriously walked around the store, searching for the perfect gift, and decided on this "Piggy bank!"  I think it's worth noting that his imaginary girlfriend is not 8 years old!  She's his age; 26! 

Bob decided on this digital frog alarm clock! He said, "It's cute!  Korea girls like cute things!"  To each his own, I guess!

After dinner, we headed over to a bar, where I met Bob's good friend, Suyeon. (Sue)  She actually spent 8 months in Sonoma County, California, as a student at a university there, so her English was flawless!  We hit it off, and will probably get together when I come back from the Philippines!

Having Korean friends is part of the journey of living here, I think!  I'm a fan of immersing oneself into the culture and people, and last night was a great opportunity to do that!  So, thank you Bob, for introducing me to your friends!  I'm really glad we met on the bus that day!

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