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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Restaurant Review

What's better than a Saturday morning skype conversation with my best friend in America, (Sarah Ashley and her bf Caleb), a quick skype chat with Jessica, and then a scooter ride to Nampodong for lunch with my sweetheart at Farmer's!   

This was the first time we've actually eaten at Farmer's!  We'd seen it a few times before and loved it's charm and quaintness, but seemed to always have just eaten when we were in the area... This time, we went with hungry tummies, ready to chow down!

Mr Lee is the owner! (picture above) He's a Korean native, but recently spent 3 years living in Santa Monica, CA, which made us instant friends!  

So, here's our review of the place: The cheeseburgers were decent... Aaron says, he'd rather have a Big Mac! Why am I dating a McDonald's lover?!  I personally thought they were a bit overpriced and would have gone for an In N Out instead (Oh, how I miss you INO)...

 ...but it was the ambiance of the restaurant area, the music, and the packaging that won me over, and will bring me back again!  Aaron says, "Don't invite me!  I'll go buy 4 Big macs for the same price and meet you after!"  haha

So, Mr. Lee!  You have 1 out of 2 fans!  Not too bad, I guess!  Can't win em' all... Next time, I'm trying your pasta!

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