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Friday, July 2, 2010

My doctor visit!

I've been having some personal pains (Nothing to write home about, but doctor worthy none the less.) So, I stopped in to see my Pharmacist, who I love, and who speaks perfect English. I told him my symptoms, and he graciously wrote them in Hangul for me to take to the doctor, since sometimes they don't speak English well.

The doctors office is right above his Pharmacy, so within seconds, I was at the door. I walked in, and was immediately greeted by the front desk clerk, who said, "Hello Jill Anderson!" I was SHOCKED! I've only been here once before, and it was probably about 5 months ago and she remembered my name! That's good service if you ask me!

She asked me to take a seat while she input my information, but then as soon as I sat down, she said the doctor was ready! (Mind you, I didn't even have an appointment!) I talked with the doctor for about 3 minutes and then I was done! I walked back into the waiting room and the girl had my prescription printed and my bill laid out on the counter for me! "Your total is 2,600 WON," ($2.12) "and here is your prescription."

I walked downstairs and handed my pharmacist the prescription. After looking at it he said, "Oh this is REALLY good medicine! You will feel better in no time! Your total is 3,500 WON!" (Which is $2.84)

I actually kind of laughed to myself, and noded my head in disbelief at the ease of the whole medical process in this country! Can't beat Korea when it comes to health care and prescription costs! I love this place!

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