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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't leave me Stella!

I knew this was a possiblity....that Stella would be accepted as an Intern elementary teacher in America, but I secretly had my fingers crossed that she wouldn't go, because I would miss her so much :( Is that bad?!  I can redeem myself though from crossing my fingers for the job to deny her, because I sat with her for hours and hours doing mock interviews with questions she had heard would be asked, and seriously edited (practically re-wrote) her application essays, so she would have the chance to work and live in America!

So, we just found out the exciting, and sad news, that I knew was innevitable!  They loved her and hired her!  So, Stella is moving to New Jersey in September, and will be staying there for 6 months!  I am going to miss her sooooooo much, but I'm really proud of her and excited for her to have this opportunity!

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