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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 11: Watch your step and enjoy the yacht!

 Last night, as I was leaving the art cafe, I twisted my ankle at the bottom of the stairs, and fell face forward into the street!  I have a nice gauge on my knee, and a swollen ankle!  I think it was more action than this town had seen in a while, because I was surrounded by Philippino's asking if I was okay!  Luckily I was with Noa, so she snapped a picture to help me remember the moment!

This morning, I woke up at 11:30am!  I couldn't believe it!  I never sleep past 7:00am, so I was a tad bit proud of my laziness!  I got ready and slowly limped down the stairs to the lobby of my hotel.  When I got down there, I was met by the owner, his 2 sons, and their 4 workers who were all sitting at the huge table eating lunch, Philippino style!  They immediately asked me to join them, which was awesome as this was the 1st Philippino style meal I'd had since I've been here!

 Pork, potatoes, cabbage and bananas, all boiled together with a broth to make a soup!  It was actually really good, and so fun to eat with all of them!

This is my hotel from the beachfront.  My room is the one in the back (2nd story) with my sarong hanging from the laundry line!

 And just about 200 feet down the beach is this run down Philippino home.  This is how most of the local's homes are here... Some a little better, and some a little worse. I'm not sure how many people live here, but there are always a couple little naked boys running around in the sand in front of it, and a woman is usually yelling at them from inside.  They also have a pet monkey who they tie to the wood planks... It's actually really kind of sad.

This is Rica!  She is such a sweetheart!  She lives at Ric Son's restaurant and bar.  Her mom and dad run the place.  They let her just run around, because someone is always watching her!  Even when I'm there, all alone, they allow her to run around, because they know I will take care of her!  :)

At about 1:00pm, Mike, Janice, Junie and I all kayaked over to Ali's yacht to bring him some soup, cereal, and water!

 It was a little stormy today, so it was fun to be on the boat.  We rocked back and forth while watching movies, cooking, swimming, and talking!

Janice made some pasta!

Mike hung over her shoulder to make sure she was doing it right! :)

 Ali just sat and ate!  He's feeling much better today, which was great!  He originally thought he had Tongee Fever (sp?) but he thinks he may have just had the flu.  Thank goodness!   Tongee Fever is a lot like Malaria!

 I thought this was funny!  Ali has a life supply of sun screen on board!  I guess when you plan to sail the world for the rest of your life, it makes sense!

Most of the day was spent lounging around on the top floor (There are 6 rooms, and 3 bathrooms on board!)

 We took a nice long dip in the water!  I used a life jacket, because I couldn't use my left foot to swim!  Junie told me I looked Korean, because Koreans always swim with life jackets!

 It takes forever to upload a video on here, so instead, here's a link to my facebook page where you can watch us playing on the boat!

We started watching School of Rock, and ended with Forest Gump!  Talk about a lazy day!

Janice and I on the back of the yacht... 

 After the sun went down, we all hung on the back of the boat and watched the fish jumping with a flashlight!  The guys said they saw dolphins and some sea turtles, but my eyes weren't as good. :(  I just saw water!  Around 8pm, we jumped in the dingy and headed back to shore!  

I ate dinner (Philippino stew) with Noa for 35 pesos (about 60 cents I think)!

Then we headed over to Ric Sons to meet Mike and Janice, who were strumming away at their guitars!

There was a moment, where I was sitting, listening to these 2 play the most gorgeous versions of acoustic songs, an adorable dog was laying at my feet, the lighting storm in the distance was in full effect, the mountains were prominent over the ocean, the moon was full, I had my sudoku book in front of me... 

....that I thanked God for the moment!  It was perfection as far as I was concerned!   

...Even the stray dogs were relaxed!

 I love this place!  
I love the people...  
I love the pace of life... 
I love the color of the water when the sun is shining...
I love the views...
I love the food...
and I love the experiences I am having!
Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow... I just hope this euphoric feeling I'm having is here to stay!

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