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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Slumber party with Jessi!

Jess came down for the weekend to attend a wedding, so we had a slumber party at my apartment last night and did a little shopping and lunch in Nampodong this afternoon! Here are a few fun pictures from the morning / afternoon.

Jess spotted this bag in one of my favorite clothing stores, called POPCORN!

These two girls are the epitamy of Korean post-college age girls... lots of makeup, very fashionable, and wearing the newest korean trend - headbands that look like they should be sold at Gymboree!

It's really common to walk by boutique stores and see cats or dogs lounging by the door! This cat's name was Dong-chi (or at least something close to that...)! I especially loved her because she looked like my Mimmy and Grandaddy's cat, Smokey!

I snapped this picture to give you an idea of how cool the clothing boutiques are in Nampodong! The one next door looked like you were walking into a chic beachside boutique in the hamptons!

We had lunch at a brand new Italian restaurant called "The Pan," where we drooled over delicious mushroom risotto and shared a creme brulee the size of a strawberry! haha! It was the perfect night and morning with my Jessi! Miss you already friend!

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