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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Perfect timing!

Fridays are usually everyone's favorite day of the work week, because it means the weekend is drawing near. Usually, this is the case for me as well, but today was a different story! My 1st and 2nd grade classes were a total flop! I planned fun games and cool activities, but for some reason, my kids just were not interested! I walked away from my last class in a total funk, frustrated, sad, defeated, and ready to cry. But then...

I was handed a box with Karyn Hill's name as the return address and it was as if the box was literally holding back my tears! ... Because, I knew, inside, were the treasures I knew she'd sent me!
See's Butterscotch suckers!

Karyn, I can't tell you how this made my day! Seeing those famous See's gold wrappers and knowing the goodness inside was fantastic! I'm already on my 2nd one and hoping I'll be nice and refreshed to teach 5th grade in 40 minutes!

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