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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gwangali Beach Eobang Festival!

Today was a beautiful day, filled with blue skies, light winds, and warmth! Summer has finally reached Busan! Aaron picked me up and we rode over to Paris Baguette for breakfast and then headed over to Gwangali Beach for the Eobang Festival! When we got there, we parked the scooter on the boardwalk and stopped in at the beachside Starbucks for a cold drink! It seems like just last week, we were ordering hot stuff!

After starbucks, we walked down the beach to check out the action! They had this huge blow up pool, where kids could pay 10,000 won ($8.00) to jump in and give "noodling" (learned that from my country boy!) a try! I would have loved to try... but unfortunately I was too old!

I did get to "noodle" though! Down by the water, kids had dug small pools in the sand, and dumped their fish in, to swim around! These kiddos let me play with theirs and hold them! Yep, folks! That's a real live Eel!

This little boy was dying to be in one of our pictures so he quickly scooped up his spotted fish and shoved it in front of me to hold!

Who doesn't love eating live flounder?! mmm

There were tons of vendors set up on the sand selling arts and crafts, fresh seafood, etc... This was a sashimi contest! Each contestant was given a HUGE fish and lots of fruits and vegetables to decorate their plater! It was a true art!

All that fish made us hungry, so we scooted over to our favorite "hole in the wall" Mexican food place in Haeundae!! We ended up sitting with 2 guys from Virginia who lived a couple hours north of Busan. It was nice to meet some new people, share our life experiences, and eat delicious food!

One of my favorite things about this place (other than the delicious authentic Mexican taste) is the plethora of personal post it notes!

We rode back to Goejeong with sore butts, and sunburned faces, but it was all worth the adventure to the other side of town! :) Tonight we're off to the festival in China Town! Never a dull moment with these 2!

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