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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This afternoon I received a text from Stella saying,
"Gyo Gam Sun Seing Neim (Vice Principal) just ordered pizza for the teachers because he won a lot of money in a soccer bet! Come down to the teachers room right now!"

I love how the Vice Principal and Principal at my school are so generous! They are always bringing the teachers rice cakes, rice water, pastries, coffee, and in this case, PIZZA! This is the music teacher, and one of my good friends, April!
Nothing brings a staff together like a spur of the moment pizza party!!
Whenever someone buys or prepares food for you in Korea, it's polite to tell them "Chal-mogodt-sumnida" after finishing... This means "I ate well!" ... which you can believe I said over and over again! My tummy is very happy... but my summer body is currently telling me I'm a bad girl! To which I am replying, "Lay off summer body! A little pizza never hurt anyone!"

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