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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Subway or Bomb Shelter!

I love going to see Aaron at his apartment... it's just his subway station that makes me second guess the journey! Most subways in Busan are approximately 6 stories below ground... Aaron's is 16!! Only 3 of which are on an escalator! Don't believe me... I'll prove it! Here's the journey from the subway tracks to the street!

and finally... the last part of the journey!
This is where I do my celebration dance that I made it all 132 steps!

PS. Aaron said he has heard that some of the subway stations in North Korea are really low so they can double as a bomb shelter! We agree it's probably the same deal here in S. Korea. Hey, at least if we're hanging out at Aaron's, we'll be safe if a war breaks out! We'll just run to his subway station!


  1. Just think about poor Aaron ANYTIME he wants to go somewhere he has to do that every day. You guys must be in some pretty good leg shape!

  2. So true, so true! He played soccer his whole life, so the muscles were already there! It's a walk in the park for that guy! Me on the other hand! I'm lucky if I'm not ready to keel over and die by the time I get to the top!