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Friday, May 28, 2010

Kimbap Class!

Today was the annual Kimbap making class for the 6th graders and I knew I had to be there! I love kimbap and I love my kids, so it made for a perfect Saturday afternoon!

The 6th graders all know that I love chamchi (tuna) kimbap without danmuji (a sour raddish) and mayonaise (because I'm trying to eat more healthy), because we've been talking, in class, about our favorite foods!

Anyhow, apparently they've been listening to me, because they kept giving me pieces of their tuna kimbap rolls and saying, "Alexis, This is for you! Chamchi kimbap... danmuji hago miyonasuh bego" (which means, "There is no danmjui or mayo!) I love these kids! They're always so thoughtful and generous with the little they have to share! Such great examples!

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