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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Parents Day!

Last Saturday was "Parents Day" in Korea! Everywhere I looked, I saw people selling flower baskets - on street corners, in alleyways, outside grocery stores, next to bus stops - literally everywhere!

In the morning, I ventured over to the Busan Train Station to purchase a ticket to Seoul and as I was walking towards the entrance, I noticed these 3 men handing out corsages at the bottom of the escalator!

I watched for a while and noticed that they were handing them out to older people, so I figured they were giving them to people who they KNEW were parents! I was astounded at their generosity and began to approach them to take a picture! Sure enough, they came right up to me and pinned one on my shirt! I was so proud to pretend like I was a parent for the day, and I wore it proudly as I shopped!

Now, here's the embarrassing part! Later that night, I asked one of my Korean friends what the ribbon attached to it said... Her response was a giggle and then: "It says: Thank you for your service as a volunteer traffic officer!" Lovely!

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