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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boracay, voted #1 beach in the world!!

... and I'm gonna be there in July! That's right, for 14 days, I'll be relaxing on the white sand beaches, snorkeling in the crystal clear water, eating delicious Phillipino food, and probably reading books, while sipping on my 20 cent diet cokes!
I'm doing it EAT, PRAY, LOVE style, since I'm going alone!
I'm excited for the chance to travel alone and see what experiences it brings! :) I did my homework, and found an incredible deal! I saved myself over $300!! For a measley $458.00, I'll be on my way to Paradise and back!
It's moments like these that I realize how lucky I am to be living here in Asia, and how much I was meant to travel! I just can't get enough of it!
I still can't believe I get to go to places like this for my vacations!


  1. Who wants to join you??? I do! I do! That place looks AMAZING!!!

  2. i have a small collection of magazines to send you, any books you want for your trip? when do you leave - want to get these to you before!

  3. Cassie! You're a sweetheart! But, honestly, my aunt just sent me a 6 month supply of star magazine, which is weekly! I'm in over my head with magazines!!! You know what I would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love though? Stick Pretzels! mmmm. I miss them so! :)

  4. Cassie! You are so awesome! You have no idea!

  5. Who did you book thru? Im looking into heading there in August