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Sunday, April 4, 2010


James is one of my LEAST favorite students! He attends my afterschool class for 4th graders and usually drives me crazy with his ADHD tendencies! He's the only student I can not control!!! One time I even angrily sent him home! I thought, for sure, that he hated me after that... So, I decided I needed to take a new approach with him, before I gave up! My idea - to take an interest in his Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards that he's obsessed with, figuring that building some sort of rapor with him wouldn't hurt! So, last week, before class, I asked him all about his cards, how many he had, who each character was, etc... doing my best to pretend to be really interested in them.

Today, he came into my office between classes and said "Hello, Alexis sun seng neim (teacher)." and handed me 9 of his prize possessions... his "Yu-Gi-Oh cards!
I think it worked! :)

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