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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go giants!

Last night, Aaron and I ventured over to Sajik Stadium to watch a Lotte Giants Baseball game! :) Aaron loves watching baseball, and I love watching people, so it works out!

Since I've done a blog before about Lotte baseball, I've decided to focus this one on two of the biggest differences between American baseball games and Korean!

First is the food! You can bring food and drinks into the stadium with you, without having to hide them in your purse or jacket... and there is no security check when entering. So, even if you weren't allowed to bring it in, you still could! You won't see a plethora of hotdogs or nachos at these games... What you will see though is a bunch of Korean food, ie:

This! I'm not sure what it is to be honest... but the girl in front of me was eating it!

Good ole Kimbap!

Grilled squid!
... and Jokball (Pigs feet)
Blood sausage is another crowd favorite... Sorry I don't have a picture of it... but it's basically coagulated (sp?) blood, mixed with noodles, in a sausage (intestine) casing!
My all time Lotte Baseball favorite Lotte baseball snack is fried chicken and a cup full of grilled potatoes! :) mmmm
The 2nd biggest difference between American baseball games and Korean is the fact that there's an actual DJ in a booth in the crowd...
2 drummers....
... and cheerleaders! (4 girls and 1 guy) They don't wear traditional cheerleading outfits or lead traditional cheers... Instead they do sexy dances to popular Korean songs!
Here's a video of one that they did to one of my favorite K-Pop songs!
Like any good sports team, there's a mascot! In this case, the mascot is "Giants", but the actual mascot costumes are chickens... not sure where to draw the connection, or if there even is one! But anyhow, during the 7th inning, they got up on the stage and did this cute dance! I think it's worth watching!
As we were leaving I spotted this VERY drunk couple walking together with this huge backpack wrapped around each of them... I think it was a concauction that they created to help hold each other up!
The street outside the statdium was bright with lights and full of fans celebrating Lotte's win!
I'm sure there will be many more games to come this season! Afterall, at $8.00 a pop and endless enteratinment, I wouldn't be surprised if we were there at least once a week! :)
Go Lotte Giants!

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