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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Cable Car!

Aaron and I have been talking about riding a cable car up onto Geumjeong Mountain, but were waiting until the weather turned! Finally, the perfect day arrived, where the skies were blue, we didn't have to wear coats, and it happened to be a Saturday, so we knew we had to go!

So, we jumped on the subway, and got comfortable, because it was a long ride! When we reached the Myeongnyung-dong exit, we headed straight for the Lotte food court for some korean lunch!

Then, we decided to get a little exercise and walk to the cable car instead of hailing a taxi! As were were walking, I spotted this picture on a door! Aaron said when he first got to Korea, people would always ask him if he was a monk! I couldn't pass up the opportunity for this photo opp! He was a good sport! :)

This poor dog! We spotted him in the window of a pet shop along the walk!

When we arrived at the base of the mountain, we realized there was an amusement park of sorts... This man was the first thing we passed. He was sitting, comfortably in his Korean folk village style hut making a traditional basket!

We spotted our first directional sign for the cable car and were so excited that we were finally nearing the station!

Yay, we made it! For a mere $5.00, we got "roundtrip tickets"!

The view from the cable car ride!

There were tons of different paths to take once we arrived at the top, but we decided to head towards the "south gate" and "the fortress!"

These purple flowers were everywhere! Aaron pulled one off and stuck it behind my ear! :)

We finally arrived at the South gate! I'm really not sure what this was used for, but it was pretty none the less!

Aaron snapped this picture of me, sitting infront of the door to the gate... I love the RED!

This rock wall surrounded the gate and legend has it, it runs for 4 kilometers and was originally built in the 1500's but reconstructed a couple hundred years ago!

After arriving back at the base of the mountain, we headed over to the amusement park for some play time!

Me, in my plane! (This pic is for you dad!)

Aaron, in his UFO!

This was Aarons idea... such a kid at heart!

Minus the one serious whiplashing, I had a lot of fun and did some serious bumping and crashing!

After leaving the park, we set out to find the famous wall graffiti near a man made river that runs near the subway on this side of town! I thought I'd throw this one in for all my fans who like misspellings!

We just happened to be there at the right time, to catch this artist painting this woman's face onto the wall! He was incredible!

The pathway runs for about a kilometer and is filled with beautiful artwork and graffiti! There were lots of families riding bikes together, spouses, walking hand in hand down the path, and college age students snapping pictures! It was a great way to end our fun Saturday!

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