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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gyo Gam Sun Seng Neim!

Remember my Vice Principal? ...the one who treated me like a daughter, but would say really awkward and sexually offensive things to me?! Well, he's gone... and no, he didn't get fired! They moved him to a different school so he could eventually take over for the Principal there.

So, this is my new Gyo Gam Sun Seng Neim! (Vice Principal)

You can always tell if someone was liked at their old school by the gifts they are given when they come to a new school! I can tell he was VERY MUCH LOVED, because he received tons of these beautiful orchid plants...
expensive rice cakes...

and REALLY EXPENSIVE oranges! These boxes (the red ones) go for $50.00 a pop!

Today, after lunch, he came and sat next me and Ella and chatted for a while! His English is REALLY good! It's probably the best in the whole school.... Long story short, he's been to 32 countries, lived in Egypt for 3 years, and already invited me to dinner with him and his wife! Guess what we're eating??? DOG! Yep, he invited me to have dog! You can't refuse a dinner invite with an elder in Korea, especially if they are your boss... so looks like I'm going to be giving dog a 2nd chance! eeeehhhh!!


  1. EWWW Jill... that is awful!!! I am sorry, I suppose that is one of the drawbacks to living in a foreign country.... :-)