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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daegu weekend trip!

Most of you don't know.... but my dear friends Jess and Carlos moved a couple hours north of Busan at the beginning of March. They had the itch to live in the countryside, and so, well.... that's what they did! Unfortuntately we don't get to see each other very often, but we're going to make sure to get together as often as possible! This weekend was our first visit with them since they moved!

We decided to meet between Busan and Gyungbuck (sp? their province) at a city called Daegu! So, Aaron and I jumped on the train yesterday and went to go see them!

When we arrived, Jess, Carlos, and their friend Kelly (who they met at their orientation last week) were a subway stop away from us, so Aaron and I decided to stop into this little restaurant called "Mom's Touch" to grab some lunch!

I saw a picture of this cup full of chicken nuggets on the menu for 3,000 won, the equivalent of about $2.50, and had to have it! When it came, I was shocked at how HUGE it was! We both laughed and said, "How are we gonna eat all of these..."

Then, the big shocker came! I noticed there was a straw sticking out of my cup... which I thought was really strange... Then after looking a little closer, I noticed my chicken nuggets were sitting inside of another cup... so I lifted them up, and realized there were hardly any, and there was a cup full of coke underneath! Good thing I didn't tip it over, huh?!

We finally met up with the gang and headed over to the local market! Jess is thinking of cutting her hair, so we stopped into this wig shop so she could try some different styles! Wigs are actually pretty common around here! You would never think it, but it's true!

I love, love, love pajong! I waited here for about 5 minutes while this woman grilled some for me! (Korean pancake with squid)!

Kelly, Jess and I with the lotion bottle! :)

Carlos and Aaron with Donald Duck!

I orginally took this picture to show this girls ridiculous outfit, but then noticed the store name, which made me laugh... Think it's a knock off of "baby phat?"

These boys are like two peas in a pod when they are together... never embarrassed to be goofy or make fun of themselves! I love it!

We stopped in this restaurant to eat some Samgetang for dinner! Kelly had never tried it, and it's a really famous meal in Korea! It's basically a bowl of soup with an ENTIRE chicken in it! Here's Jess picking up a big chunk of her chicken for you to see!

The fun part about Samgetang is the fact that there are always wishbones hiding in your soup! Aaron found this one for us to play with! Can you sense the intensity!?

I was the big winner!! And no, Aaron's finger was not on purpose!!

After dinner, it was off to show Kelly "Makoli", a famous Korean rice wine that is drank out of a bowl! mmmmm!

After Makoli, we decided it'd be a good idea to find a place to stay for the night so we could drop our bags before we went back out! Jess called the information hotline and asked for a cheap hotel! We ended up staying at a place called "The Water Park Motel..." and no, there was not a water park attached! Infact, it was so small and so ghetto that we were the only people staying there! The owner ran out into the street to meet our taxi driver and ran alongside the taxi until we arrived at the entrance.

Yes, this is the entrance! YIKES!

We knew right away that it was a love motel (A cheap motel often used for hourly visits... if you get my drift!) Yes, this is a red light on the ceiling in the boys room! The girls room had one too!

It came with a tray of toiletries for people to use after they've come to the love motel, done their thing, and then have to fix their hair before they go back to work! Disgusting...

The girls bed was a huge pink CIRCLE bed! Yes, it was pink, and yes it was a circle... and yes, there was a box of tissue and 2 condoms on the headboard, next to the mirror!!! WOW!

Here we are... all cozy together!

This morning, we got up and took a taxi back to downtown Daegu and looked for some breakfast. Aaron got a breakfast sandwich at this place, and as he went to pay for it, the woman working there pointed to these boxes. We looked in them and there was money! So, Aaron put his money in, and took his change out! Koreans are soooo darn honest!

After breakfast, which was actually more like lunch, we walked over to this adorable coffee shop and sat around for a couple hours, just chatting and catching up! Carlos, Me, and Aaron

The coffee shop had all these hand painted wood blocks on the walls... My guess would be that customers painted them! Thought it was a cute and artsy idea!

The whole gang! Carlos, Jess, Aaron, Me, and Kelly before we said goodbye!

Aaron and I managed to figure out the train situation... We had to transfer once, and ultimately had a nice little ride home through the countryside on the good old KTX train!

All in all, it was a great weekend with awesome friends!

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