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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bye Bye Colin

Colin, who I like to call "Co-rin" is leaving Korea next Friday to move back to Toronto to pursue his love of acting. Co-rin was part of the original 8: Me, Kevin, Jess, Carlos, Kate, Rob, and Kristen. It's sad to see each of us begin to go our separate ways, but fun to see how the group has taken on new dynamics as new friends are added... So, last night, we had a little get together, in Seomyeon, to send Colin off and say our goodbyes!

Me, Jessica, Ran (Colin's co-worker) and Colin

Maria, Kristen, and Jiyoung (Colin's co-teacher)

Me and Colin

Cheers to friendship!!

We'll miss you Co-rin! Be safe!

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