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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to School

I spent the day at 3 schools, 1 district office, 1 cafe, 2 friend's houses, and Macayos (the greatest Mexican restaurant around town!)

I drove Sarah to work this morning (She's a HS teacher!) and decided to hang out in her classroom for a couple minutes to meet her students and see her in action!

I headed over to my favorite cafe for a chocolate chip bagel (one of my favs) and some local wifi, so I could post yesterday's blog!

Then, I drove over to Agua Fria High School, where I used to substitute teach and saw some of my favorite people:

Matt (The current principal) I worked with him at Millennium High School when he was an assistant principal. He's an awesome friend and it was fun to see him in action as a principal!

Then, it was off to see my VERY pregnant friend April, who's due in 5 weeks! Matt and I crashed in on her classroom, and I ended up being guest speaker for the last 1/2 hour! I happened to have some dried squid, from Korea, in my purse and wipped it out for all of them to try! Their reactions were hilarious!
Speaking of hilarious reactions... When class was over, April grabbed a snickers bar from her desk and pealed open the wrapper, only to find that a huge bite had been taken out of it before it was sealed! What the heck! Come on candy inspectors!!!

One of my greatest friends, Amanda, came all the way out from downtown Phoenix to have lunch with me and brought her newest addition, Sebastian!

Matt, Amanda, April, and Kristen (below) were all able to have lunch together in Matt's office! It was so good to be back with such great friends!

Kristen is one of the pickiest eaters I know, so making her eat this dried squid was a sight to see!

Me and Andrea in he attendance office!

After lunch, I drove over to Millenium, my old stomping grounds, and was able to catch up with so many old friends! We all congregated in the front office while I told funny stories about life in Korea and laughed together! It was definitely bitter sweet to be there and see everyone...

Jill, one of my best friends from Millennium, planned a little happy hour for whoever wanted to come see me at Macayos. People came and went throughout the night, and I was able to give lots of hugs, which I love!

Sarah, Jill, Me, and Andrea

I found this shirt for Katie, because she loves cats!

Kathy Gross (Head Counselor), Me, and Jill (Teacher Mentor)

When our tummy's were full, Sarah and I drove over to Julie and Kyle's house for some desert!

Great friends from my old church in Goodyear, Nick and Gay, were there too! I love these people! We used to meet at their house with Julie and Kyle once a week for years! They are extremely special to me, so getting to see the 4 of them was such a great feeling!

Sarah and I left their house around 11:15pm, and are now at her place... It's 1:00am. She's packing, and I'm about to fall asleep! Tomorrow we head over to Cali! Can't wait. :)

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