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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello new decade!

2009 was a very long lesson in trust, balance, love, loss, boundaries, self awareness, patience, perseverance, and serenity. I'm relieved it's over, and am even more thrilled to be starting a new, fresh decade!!

Living in a new country, working a job I love for the 2nd year in a row, having the possibility of traveling to countries throughout Asia, and living life with friends I adore is a pretty great start to a new year, and has been more than I could ask for... I feels as if, with every deep breath of fresh, crisp, freezing cold Korean air, I exhale with a sigh of relief and smile that I'm here. God has provided for me in ways that I've only ever heard of this year, and I've been able to experience a genuine delight in the simplicity of my life here and the friends I've made to share it with. I've had enough visitors to not feel too lonely... and have embraced and cherished the times I've spent alone. I've found plenty of time to take walks, have meaningful conversations, play games, watch movies, exercise, read, blog, knit, sew, explore my city, listen to music, share meals, hike, relax, shop (of course), and invest in new hobbies like healthy cooking (Mom, can you believe it?!) I'm addicted! I have finally found a balance between overextending myself, striving for perfection, knowing when to not sweat the small stuff, and resting. I've never known myself more than I do at this very moment, and I'm pleased to announce that I'm proud of, and happy with, the woman I've become! Whew, what a relief that is!! While I didn't make any resolutions for 2010, I do have a few expectations for the year. I expect it to be filled with more contentment, excitement, and love than I've ever known in my life. Thanks to the wonders of email, facebook, skype, and blogs, I have already begun to experience those things from you!

In a nutshell... I am truly happy. Cheers to a new decade; or as we say in Korea, "Gumbeh!"


(Thank you Bri, for the inspiration to put this all into writing!)


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  2. You are amazing...looking forward to 2010 and everything that it brings!

  3. i know you're on vacation now... but I just wanted to say how sweet your words were!

    I hope you have such an blessed and amazing year AND decade! What an inspiration!

    I love to come on here and just read all your fun and exciting stories!!!