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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2: Scooters down South!

Not only was my hotel a mere $11.00 a night, breakfast was included! I ordered pineapple crepes, watermelon juice, and fresh pineapple! I could definitely get used to this!

Sadly, it started to rain, so we decided to sit on my front porch and do a little reading (and a little bit of yahtzee with the ipod!)

Aaron reading on my front porch...

After the rain died down, we rented scooters from the hotel and began our adventure! We rode from Kuta Beach all the way down south to Ula Watu (66 km total) on separate scooters through heavy traffic and barren country roads. Aaron said he was afraid if anything happened to me while he was driving, he would fear the wrath from my friends and family! That's why we took separate scooters! I didn't mind at all... It only cost me $5.00 to rent it for the day, and I didn't die! Can't complain. :)

We did have to stop for gas one time because my scooter ran out!! Oops! Notice how they are pouring it from a glass bottle, through a funnel into the gas tank! There are no ARCO's around here! They're all mom and pop stores with bottled petroleum.

While they were filling up my gas tank, I found this little guy...

There are stray dogs and puppies EVERYWHERE!!!

We also found this fake surfing wave, practically abandoned, on the side of the road! We couldn't pass it up!

We finally made it to Ula Watu Beach, 3 hours after our departure from Kuta, and were starving! We had lunch on the top of this cliff, overlooking the beach. The food was good and cheap, and we had women who came over and gave us neck and shoulder massages for the equivalent of $2.50 while we waited for our food! Good food, great view, and a massage... YES PLEASE!
After lunch, we hiked down to the beach... There was a very narrow path that lead to a cave, which then lead to the beach. Nothing like Huntington where you just park and walk straight to the sand. You've gotta do some adventuring to get anywhere around here.

Here it is folks! Ula Watu beach! Unfortunately, it wasn't really a swimming beach. Apparently, it's world renouned for it's waves! 7 currents come together at this beach, which creates a bit of a surfers heaven! The waves were too big for ME, so we decided to head over to Dream Land Beach, which we had heard was where Julia Roberts filmed EAT, PRAY, LOVE!
On our way back to the scooters, from Ula Watu, it started to rain a little... and then within seconds, with no warning, it DOWN POURED!!! Imagine the scene in The Notebook where Noah and Alli are on the boat and it starts to rain and they're yelling at each other and paddling as fast as they can... Well, erase the yelling and paddling part and that's basically what it was like! We were dying laughing, and realized there was nothing we could do but just laugh and get drenched!!

If you look really closely, you can tell how hard it's raining. These were the steps from Ula Watu Beach, back up to our scooters.

We finally made it to Dream Land... It was not as dreamy as we had hoped for. :( There were too many toursists for our taste, so we only stayed for a little bit. Plus, we had to do some doctoring to Aaron's foot and sand was not the remedy. He was pushing his kick stand down and sliced his big toe pretty bad! I had an awesome picture of it, but it's on his little camera, and the computer cord is back in Korea. :(

On our drive back home to Kuta Beach, we decided to take a side road, which lead through the REAL BALINESE NEIGHBORHOODS... I spotted this brother and sister on the side of the road. She was teaching him how to ride his bike! Notice there is no tire on the front wheel... but, hey WHO CARES! :) They were both more than happy to stop and smile for a few pictures!

We made it back, safely to Kuta Beach and were starving, so we looked in the Lonely Planet book and found this food court of sorts, with all of the international food you could imagine! We both decided on Turkish! But before we decided, we were bombarded by the employees who stand in front of each restaurant, who shoved their menus in our faces and told us over and over again how they liked our smile and to eat at their place!
Mmm pita bread!
We spent the rest of the night, exploring the town on the scooter, in the pouring rain! Gotta love rainy season in Bali. It keeps things nice and humid! :)

Tomorrow morning, we're getting up bright and early to go to Gili Meno (The Gili Islands). It's so small you can literally walk around it in an hour! We're leaving at 6am and are arriving at 4pm. 2 busses and 2 boats! We can't wait to get there and lounge! Not sure if we'll have internet, and not too sure how long we'll stay... So check back day to day! I may have an update tomorrow, or next week! Until next time.... Tah tah!

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