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Friday, January 29, 2010

DAY 19: "Hello, Transport?"

We got up nice and early for our last morning on Lembongan Island and said goodbye to all our local friends at the hotel. Dan was up early, eating breakfast, before his big scuba dive, which was a nice treat for us to be able to say goodbye!

We jumped on the crowded boat and lounged for an hour and a half till we arrived back in Bali, at Sanur Beach. We had 6 hours till our flight left, so we shopped around a bit (Lynzi, I found something for Blakely!), but were hounded, the entire time by taxi drivers asking, "Hello, Transport?" It makes sense, since we were holding our bags, but I honestly don't think it would be an exagerration to say we heard it over 70 times in the couple hours we were in Sanur!

... and ate some delicious Balinese sweet corn for breakfast!

When it was time to go, we hailed a cab and headed for the airport. We were both a little hungry, so we stopped here for lunch, just outside the airport. I say this, because I think it's worth saying that when you order food in Indonesia, your personal meal will NEVER, ever, ever, come out at the same time as your friends! Look at Aaron's plate (completely finished) just as mine was placed on the table.

We had a little bit of Rupiah (Indonesian currency) left, and knew it wouldn't be worth it to exchange it back to won, after paying the fee... so, we decided to do some shopping in the airport... but unfortunately, "I Love Bali" shirts weren't exactly something we wanted to add to our wardrobes, so...

in true fat kid fashion, we walked over to Dunkin Donuts and spent our last couple dollars on...

a 1/2 dozen donuts and laughed at how fun it was to splurge, while we ate each one of them! hahaha!

Our flight to Hong Kong was easy, comfortable, and just under 4 hours, with lots of movies and TV shows to keep us entertained!

Since I was still limping along with my gimp leg, and Hong Kong was a gigantic airport, Aaron offered to carry all the bags! (And no, I never asked him to! It's just the southern gentleman in him!)

When we finally found our way out of the airport, we got on a bus, headed to Mong Kok area... not sure, really, what we would find there or where we would stay! (We didn't do any research on Hong Kong before we arrived - adventure style!) We spotted a hostel, right away, but it was full. We were handed a business card and told to "Try this hostel." So, we went there, and it was full too! At this point, we were exhausted and just wanted to set our bags down. The lady could sense our exhaustion and said, "I have 1 room, but you have to check out at 9:30am" Great, we thought! We'll take it! We can do that! So, we followed her to the room... and quickly realized it wasn't at her hostel, but rather another one about 5 blocks away! She walked with us the first 2 blocks and then handed us over to this older woman who guided us the last 3 blocks!

After you see "the room" we were offered, you will probably be about as speechless as we were!! I honestly couldn't stop laughing, and knew right away that this would be something I wouldn't soon forget!

We literally walked into the storage room, that just happened to have 2 beds, neither of which had any bedding on them... so, Aaron helped her make my bed! I was trying soooo hard not to laugh at this place!
Too bad I didn't need to do any sewing, huh?!

Yes, that's a dead roach outside our bathroom!

I'm adventurous, but I decided I could wait another 18 hours till I got home to take a shower! This was just a bit much for me!

We kept the TV on all night as a night light, because this place was soooo freaky!

We had to pay $200 Hong Kong dollars, which is about $30 USD (a decent price for Hong Kong hostels), but it was twice the price of the place we stayed on Lembongan Island! Crazy huh?!

We were given 2 toothbrushes... probably as a peace offering! I kinda wonder if the lady felt bad for offering us such a shady room!

We ended up dropping our bags and heading out for the night! The less amount of time we stayed there, the better! So, we walked, talked, shopped, ate, and drank until 1:30am, living it up in Hong Kong!

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