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Thursday, January 28, 2010

DAY 17: New friends!

DAY 17: I woke up feeling 90% better, and after getting some plain toast and a couple pieces of fresh Balinese fruit, I was up to 100%! So, Aaron and I rented a scooter again and drove over to Dream Beach, but not before Aaron loaded my hair with these flowers that grow in the courtyard of our hotel. He always slips one in my ear in the morning, but today, he went a little crazy!

As we were eating breakfast, we saw this boat pull in with supplies for all of the local stores. They unloaded the supplies onto the shore...

and then the women from the town loaded them onto their heads and WALKED them to their stores in the deep powdery sand and blistering heat!

As we were driving to Dream beach, I snapped this picture of a local TV area! When sports are on, all of the locals pile into these community TV bungalows and huddle up, nice and close, to watch and cheer together! I love this idea and the way it brings people from the community together!

Finally, we made it to Dream Beach!

After the ride, I was feeling a little yucky, so I layed here in the shade for a while....

... while Dan and Aaron sat and talked sports in the sun!

Most of the day, at Dream Beach, was spent swiming and crashing in the waves! The water is crystal clear, and the sand is fluffy and white! It's a beautiful place!

As we were playing in the waves, we met 2 Canadian girls from Vancoover, Kelsey and Jaime, (the only other people in the water!) both 20 years old. They are traveling all over Asia as well! They are awesome, and a lot of fun!

There were 4 local Lembongan boys who came over to play with us in the water too! Dan and Aaron were throwing them into the air, so they would splash into the water! They loved it. This one was trying to surf on this broken surf board (He only had 1/2 of it) and yes, he was doing it in his undies! :)

The 5 of us jumped on our scooters and rode through the island, over to the yellow bridge, so we could all jump together! Aaron and I were sooo excited when we saw Nyoman and Kadek in the street, talking with some friends! When we asked them if they wanted to jump with us, they said "Of course" and off we went to the bridge!

We took the jumping pictures on Dan's camera... so sorry, you'll just have to imagine what we looked like! We all went together, at the same time, which was really fun! FYI though: If you're ever going to jump off a bridge, don't land in the splits! I'm walking with a limp and can barely move my left leg and it's been over 12 hours now! (Don't worry mom.... it' just a soar muscle!)

Kadek found this amazing starfish in the deep water, when we were swimming to shore! It looked like it has hershey kisses glued to it and was really heavy!

The whole crew~ Aaron, Me, Nyoman, Jaime, Dan, Kelsey, and Kadek after we all jumped!

We all went back to our places to take showers and meet back up for the cock fight on Penida Island, but as soon as we met up to ride over there, it started pouring rain... so Dan and Aaron and I all decided to lounge around in the courtyard of our place instead!! I got through 100 pages of my new book (The 5 People You Meet in Heaven, by the same author as Tuesdays With Morrie!) As you can probably imagine, it rained the rest of the night! We welcomed the rain with open arms, since it cools off the place and gives us a break from the heat!

It's 8:20am right now, here in paradise... Unfortunately, there are gray clouds above us, so it may rain again today. We're not going to let it ruin our last full day here though! We'll make the best of it, like we always do! We're leaving on the morning boat tomorrow to Sanur and then will head to the airport, where we'll catch a plane to Hong Kong. Then we'll be in Hong Kong for the night... Hopefully we'll get out and see the town while we're there! :)

Until next time...

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