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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DAY 15: Swiming, Eating, and Vomiting! :(

DAY 15 started of beautifully with blue skies, sun, and lots of happy Balinese locals.

Please forgive me... I've been sick all night, and am still feeling nautious, so I'm just going to gently skim over what we did and saw...

This is Ahleet, the bartender at our hotel.

We swam for most of the day at Mushroom beach and Aaron taught me how to do flips and handstands in the water!

We hiked up to this temple at the top of the hill on the island... (By law, Indonesian cities have to erect 3 temples per city.)

... and jumped down!

This is the volcano we rode the scooter up to when we were staying in Ubud. It's extremely rare to be able to see the top without any clouds! (Sorry it's sideways)

When we got back to the hotel, we grabbed our books and headed for the comfy chairs in the courtyard. I overheard a guy say he was from the US while talking with the scuba instuctors at the dive center next door and I started up a conversation with him to see where exactly he was from. This is Dan! He's 25 and is from DC and was working as a researcher for a law firm before he decided to travel for 9 months, all over Asia, staying a month in each country! (again, sorry it's sideways... not sure what's going on with this program.)

We ended up having dinner with Dan at our place and had a great time talking about life and traveling with him...

More to come later...I was up all night with food poisoning from the sandwich I had at dinner and am still not feeling well.

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  1. Get some rest and feel better. I bet they have great tea there, drink it up!!