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Sunday, January 24, 2010

DAY 13: Bridge jumping, Snorkeling, and Cock Fighting!

DAY 13 started with delicious french toast at our on-site restaurant, overlooking the water... Then, we hoped on the scooter, bought 1/2 of a watermelon for a dollar, and headed over to the bridge to meet Nyoman and Kadek. First, we stopped for me to pick up another sarong! I love these things, and would live in them if I ever moved here!

This was the view the store employees got to enjoy everyday! Can you imagine?!

We rode over the bridge and met Nyoman and Kadek, who were waiting with some friends on the beach! They asked "Are you ready to jump?" and the rest was history! Nyoman and I went first. As you can see, I was feeling a mix of pure fear and excitement!

Then, the boys all counted and wala... I jumped! It felt like it took forever to reach the crystal clear water! What a rush! And as promised, Nyoman held me hand the whole way!

Then it was Aaron and Kadek's turn! They were more brave than me and jumped from the top of the rail!

Everyone did it!

After jumping, we rented some snorkeling gear, found a guy to charter a boat for us for $10.00 and waited here in this seaweed farm for him to bring the boat over. The main source of income on this island (yes, more than tourism) is seaweed. They sell it to Japan, where it is turned into make-up! Each of these areas of seaweed is about $24.00 for them.

Ready for some ocean snorkeling on the reef!

This was the water we snorkeled in. At points, we were in 30 plus feet of water and could see perfectly, all the way down to the bottom!

Aaron, ready to go! We played games in the water, ie: Find the Starfish, where whoever found the 1st giant blue starfish would win! I won! :) We saw fish I've only ever seen in huge salt water fish tanks (but obviously much bigger) and fish I never knew ever existed, and corals of every possible shape and size! It was incredible! The current was sooo strong that we ended up, sometimes at least 300 feet away from our anchored boat, which was pretty scary. I made Aaron hold my hand almost the whole time, because I didn't want to get separated way out there! Being the nice guy that he is, he obliged! Notice how far out we are! We were definitely out in the ocean!

When we got back from snorkeling, we talked with Ahleet, the 20 year old local bartender at our place, who told us about the Cock Fighting on Ceningan Island. He said the whole town comes out to watch, so we knew we needed to experience it!

When we arrived, we were welcomed by everyone, and handed chickens to hold! It was really awesome!

This is what they do to prepare the cocks for fighting! They put them in front of each other, and bounce them up and down until they become angry.

Nyoman and Kadek were there, so we hung out with them, and asked them lots of questions about what was going on.

Everyone brings their cocks in bags, like these!

They look like little purses to me! I have no idea how they squish them into these little things...

Once the biggest and strongest are chosen, this knife is a attached to their talons.

Nyoman and his grandfather, who was sitting off to the side... Obviously not there to watch, but rather only to gamble. When I asked Nyoman how old he was, he said he had no idea... but his brother, who was standing nearby said he was 120 years old. Not too sure he was quite that old, but he was definitely old!

After the cocks have the knife attached, and the betting had taken place, the fight begins. There were 3 last night. The 1st one lasted about 5 minutes, and the last 2 were VERY quick.

The cock who is considered about to die, is taken to this man where it's head it smooshed by his foot, and he pounds it's body with his fist in order to assist in a quicker death... Then he takes the knife off of it's talon. It was a fairly gruesome experience, but it's their culture... and if I want to experience a day in the life of the locals, than these are the things I need to see. Nyoman said the cock fights are every night!

This was the sunset, happening behind us!!!

After the fight, Nyoman invited us back to his house, which was about 100 feet down the road. He gave us the grand tour, and I think we were both shocked to see how poor they are here. This is the entrance to the temple outside his home where he, along with his family worship 2 times a day (6am and 8pm - EVERYDAY!)

This is the well where Nyoman scoops water from...

... then he pours it into the square hole in the wall, which then pours into a small pool in the bathroom. He uses the black scooper to pour the water over his body in order to shower. Oh, and I think it's worth mentioning that it's SALT WATER, straight from the ocean.

There's another well on the opposite side that collects rain from rain gutters, which is then used for their drinking water (filtered only by a small net at the end of the rain gutter).

As we were walking through his makeshift garden, he pointed up into the tree and said "This is where the chickens sleep." haha! I had no idea chickens slept in trees in the wild!

We rode the scooter back in the dark, which was really scary, but we made it safely back to Bungalow No 7! We ate dinner, by candlelight and moonlight, and talked for a while at our table, overlooking the water! It's definitely magical here, and since meeting Nyoman and Kadek, it's becoming a little more like we're part of the community! It's going to be hard to eventually leave. This is quickly becoming my Railay, Thailand part 2!

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  1. I learn so much about other countries and places because of you! i love reading your blog Jillers! COntinuing to pray for you!