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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I could never be an actress...

...and neither could Stella! Today was the BIG english test, so Stella and I administered the oral part of the exam during 5th period. When we got to number 14, I read part A (highlighted in green) and she read part B.

The students had to choose the incorrect conversation.

A. This is my puppy.
B. Oh, it's very cute.

A. Is this your puppy?
B. Yes, it is.

A. Is this your puppy?
B. No, it isn't.

A. This is my puppy.
B. No, I don't like it.

Stella stopped in mid sentence for #4 and started laughing uncontrollably! (As a side note, when Stella and I are together and we start laughing, there's no stopping us.) It literally took us a whole minute to calm ourselves down to re-state the answers again. Whenever she would laugh, I would laugh... and whenever I would laugh, she would laugh! It's times like these that I'll miss the most next year...

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