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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I can fit inside this box!!

Lynzi, one of my best friends, and her mom, Jan, sent me a HUGE box of Christmas presents today!!! I could literally sit inside the box, it's so huge!! I love you guys!!!! Thank you for thinking of me!

I couldn't resist, I had to open it to see what was inside!!! Wooo hoo!!!
Oh, and these, of course, which didn't make it into the picture above because they went directly to my desk, were cut open, and eaten!! hahha! I love these things, and they are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND in Korea!

When I went downstairs to get the box, I opened the door to the teachers room, and stood with my mouth open at the sheer size of this box! My Vice Principal said, "You are receiving parcels almost everyday and they are growing in size!" hahah Thanks to all of you who have sent me things to enjoy for Christmas! I feel unbelievably blessed on my 1st Christmas away from home. :) You have made this season so special and memorable! Thank you a million times over for your unbelievable amount of love for me! My cup runeth over!

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