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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Everytime I leave work early for a business trip, to go to the bank, to watch another English class, because I'm sick, etc... I have to write down the date, the time I will leave and return, where I am going, and how I can be contacted when I'm there.
Then, I have to have the head teacher approve it, the Vice Principal, and then the Principal. And yes, I hand carry it to each person for their signature!
So, all you Millennium teachers who hate filling out "personnel absence forms," let me say right now, "SUCK IT UP! It's a lot better than what is required here!"
This is my very own attendance record folder. :)

My personal favorite "Reason" on this page is "a bitter cold" which was obviously not written by me!!  So funny...
The days highlighted in blue are my personal favorites... because 1) it's usually something fun, and 2) because I get paid 5,000 won for every business trip I go on to cover transportation costs!  Which is funny to me, considering I almost always get free rides with the other teachers! 

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