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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving, Italian Style!

I couldn't get over the fact that this would be my 1st thanksgiving away from family and was determined not to spend my Thursday night at home, eating cereal! So, mid afternoon, yesterday, I called up Jessica, Carlos, and Aaron and asked if they were up for getting together for a special dinner, since it was Thanksgiving afterall! I was so excited when they all jumped at the idea! We ended up going to an awesome Italian restaurant in Kyungsung (a college area of Busan) called Aiola.

We ate risoto, seafood alfredo, caprese salad, garlic bread....

and drank the most delicious wine I've ever tasted!

My Korean Thanksgiving family!! :)

Throughout the restaurant, they had these really beautiful trees, where you could write notes on little circle cards and hang them on the trees. I wrote this note to commemorate my first Thanksgiving overseas with friends! While I missed Kevin's mom's mashed potatoes and my mom's delicious Turkey, I'm thankful for the chance to experience having Thanksgiving dinner overseas with amazing, amazing friends!

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