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Monday, November 2, 2009

My 4th English Church Experience

Last Sunday, I went to church with my Vice Principal's daughter. I met her when I was invited to his home for Chuseok, and we hit it off immediately! As soon as she found out I was a Christian, she invited me to her church, which she said had an English service.

This is my 4th Korean/English church experience... and I think I'm going to just stick to my good ole' church podcasts online! There was nothing inately wrong with it... it just didn't feel like home... Here's a picture of the church. The brick building is the original building, and the tall gray building is the new addition, where the English service was.

There were 15 people. Myself and a 25 year old guy from Sri Lanka were the only foreginers! I sat in the back row, which usually isn't my style... but I felt the most comfortable there for some reaosn. The pastor is from Canada and has been living in Korea for 13 years. His message was about depression and despite the fact he had to talk on a 5th grade level, it was actually very good! I took a lot of notes. :)

At the end of the service, one of the older men got up to announce things that were going on in the English church and said how happy he was that I was there. He told the group that I was from California and that I taught English at Gamjung Chodun Hakyo. I was very impressed with his memory from our earlier chat.... but that wasn't the best part! Everyone there, turned around and looked at me and sang a song about how they loved me with Jesus' love and handed me this gift!

Inside was this...

It was adorable!!! I have never been to a church where they gave me a nail kit as a welcome gift... It was definitely a moment I won't soon forget!

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