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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

I love November for 2 reasons: Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas!

Usually I bring out all the Christmas boxes the day after Thanksgiving and hang the garland, string the lights, unpack the ornaments, remake the wreaths, and assemble the tree... This year though, I don't have any boxes to unpack, garland to hang, lights to string, ornaments to unpack, wreaths to remake, or trees to assemble. It's the first Christmas, in my lifetime actually, where I didn't own any Christmas decor! In a way, it was a little sad, but on the other hand, it meant I could go shopping!

So, yesterday, I rode the bus to HOMEPLUS and picked out a tiny little tree, about 20 red and gold ornaments, and a string of white lights! It was nothing like walking into Target or Walmart, where there are isles and isles and isles of Christmas decor to chose from. There was literally 1 display at the end of an isle... that's it! In a way, it was kind of refreshing to see this level of simplicity when it comes to Christmas decor!

I was going to save the decorating until after Thanksgiving, but I couldn't resist! (ARE YOU SURPRISED?!) I went ahead and decorated yesterday!


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