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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I harvested!

After lunch today, my Vice Principal asked me to come out to the garden to talk with him. When we went out there, he showed me how to harvest 고구마 (Go goo mah) = sweet potato! I actually pulled these out of the ground! It was sooo exciting! I am such a city girl...
When I walked back into the teachers room, they saw that I had them and asked, "Why?" I said, "Gyo Gam Sun Seng Neim taught me how to harvest them." They, in unison, sighed a jealous sigh... April, the music teacher, said, "I asked him if I could have some yesterday and he said "no""! When he walked in the door, they all playfully yelled at him for letting me have some and not them. His response was a simple smile and, "It's because I love Jill." How awesome is that?!

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