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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dogs on the Black Market

Yesterday, my friend Aaron and I took a trip to Gupo Market, a well known market where dogs and cats are sold and slaughtered on the black market. I had heard about this market, and Aaron had actually been there before. He told me he would take me to see it because I was really intrigued by the idea of Koreans eating dogs (and no, I was not interested in trying). Needless to say, the experience was devastating...

It's believed, among Koreans, that the consumptions of dog meat enhances men's sexual stamina, and for that reason, many of the older men eat it. It's also believed that cats and dogs can be consumed for medicinal purposes, and that the more severe the animal suffers during death, the more medicinal powers the meat will have. Isn't that sooo crazy?!

Contrary to popular belief, the sale and consumption of dogs is actually illegal in Korea... but unfortunately, no one seems to enforce the law. Below are some pictures of the market. It's nearly impossible to take pictures here, because the Korean shop owners get unbelievably angry, and will sometimes hit your camera away, terrified that you are an animal rights activist, or a news reporter, coming to report them to the authorities. The owners are extremely rude and uninviting... It's definitely not a place where the shop owners smile at you or strike up conversations.

When we were walking down the dimly lit street, I saw one of the shop owners dragging an 80+ lb dog into the back, by a rope that was wrapped around his neck. It was horrible! I saw another shop owner throwing a skinned dog around like it was a rag doll, which was equally as disturbing. Most of the shops had coolers infront of the store, where skinned dogs were sliced down their stomachs and laying on their backs, ready for purchase. It was disgusting!

There were literally hundreds of dogs in this market, laying in small cages along the street... unaware of what their future would hold. They were sweet, mellow, and despite the fact that they have lived their entire lives on dog farms, with virtually no human interaction, if given the chance, there's not doubt in my mind that they would make amazing pets. The next 3 pictures are pictures that Aaron took the first time he was there, back in May... I hate to say it, but all of these dogs have been slaughtered by now.

This picture just kills me...

I found this video, on youtube, of a Korean market in Seoul where dogs are sold on the black market to give you a better idea of what happens in these markets... FYI: It's pretty disturbing...


  1. this is very big terribble for animals...need to finish immadiately:(

  2. I can not see that cause it breaks my heart what those people are doiung to the wonderful dogs.