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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's the last month of Fall, and it's already FREEZING in my school! The walls of my classroom are floor to ceiling windows, so insulation is basically 없어요 (obsayo) which, in this case, means "non existent!" In addition, my school hasn't been turning the heater on, because they are afraid it will become a breeding ground for the swine flu!

I snapped this picture of one of my 4th grade students all bundled up in class today...

...and this is one of my 5th graders sitting next to the floor heater (that I bought and brought to school) in my office a couple minutes ago... Poor girl!

I've reluctantly come to terms with comfort over fashion the last couple weeks at work!! It was a long battle, but my down coat has been winning over the cute dress and boots every morning! :(
After reading this blog, my mom sent this to me: "The winter climate in Busan, from December to February, is considerably colder, when daytime temperatures average just 3°C / 37°F and often fall below freezing at night. March heralds the arrival of spring in Busan, with temperatures quickly rising and daylight hours increasing."
I'm gonna die here!!

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