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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st grade....

I love Wednesday, because I teach my 1st graders! They are the sweetest little gems and are always so eager to learn and speak english! I took these 2 pictures in class this morning and thought they were worth sharing!!

On the first day of English class, I asked the students if they already had English names, or if they wanted to make one up for themselves. This adorable little ball of energy said "My name is chick." Obviously, I was confused by his name, so I asked "Chick? Jincha? (really) Whe? (why?)" His answer, "I like chicken!" :)

Today, we were making books. On one of the pages they had to draw themselves. Because this little girl's mom makes her wear a mask everyday to school, she drew herself with a mask! I thought it was hilarious!

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