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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shaving Cream Sale on Isle 4!

I've blogged before about how instead of slashing prices on items at the grocery store, Koreans just simply tape another item to it and call it a sale! In the past I've bought boxes of cereal that had sandwich bags taped to the top of them, and an entire package of meat taped to another package of meat!

Today though, was maybe the most random of all sales! I went to buy this shaving cream at the local "Family Mart." When I got to the counter, the clerk (a young girl in her early 20's) looked at the can for a good 30 seconds and then looked up at me and mustered the sentence "We give Pringles." Yes, folks, the shaving cream was "on special." Buy 1 can of shaving cream, get 1 can of Pringles FREE! How random is that?!

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