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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raised by Grandparents

In Korea, it's very very very common for grandmothers to watch their grandchildren, while the parents are busy working! It's actually quite sad, considering the long hours Koreans work at their jobs... The moms and dads are rarely around during their child's developmental years, which, from what I've been told, are some of the best years! (I'll take your word for it moms!)

Everytime I am out and about, walking through town, I see grandmothers carrying their young grandchildren on their backs, with these blanket style carriers. They lean over, while the baby is laying on the back, and wrap the blanket tightly around their stomach. It's amazing how the babies never fall!

What's more amazing though, is the immense strength shown by these "ajumas," as we call them in Korean (older women). They carry babies, and sometimes even heavy toddlers on their backs, up steep hills, 5 flights of stairs in the subways, etc, etc... and somehow always seem to have a smile on their face! I guess I would smile too if I got to spend time with an adorable Korean baby all day long!

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