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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Chuseok!

This weekend is a very special holiday weekend in Korea... It's about the equivalent of Thanksgiving in America, celebrating the fall harvest. What are they harvesting you ask? I have no idea! Anyhow, families get together over huge meals and, well... I'm not too sure, because I've never been to a Chuseok celebration!

Although, that will all change this year. My Vice Principal has generously invited me to share in the festivities with his family at his own home. This, apparently, is a huge deal! I'm super excited and am hoping to get some pictures!

On another note, Chuseok is a little bit like Christmas in that EVERYONE gives gifts. When you go into the grocery store these days, there are tables and tables of boxed giftsets of apples, pears, pineapples, wine, liquor, boxers, shampoo, and even toothbrushes! If it's in a box, it's apparently worth giving!

This morning, when I got to school, Stella walked me over to my desk and presented me with this bag/box! It's a Chuseok gift from her father. He said that he is very lucky that Stella gets to work with me, and feels that I am part of his family! I thought this was incredibly thoughtful!

Here's what's inside!
Yep, it's an entire box of canned Ham (Korean Spam) and Tuna! Stella must have told him about my love for Chami Kimbap (Tuna kimbap) Anyone hungry?!

My friend Aaron told me he received a box of socks from one of his teachers. He sent me this picture today.

... and she gave him this card, which says "I love you! I'll be there by your side, just you, try and stop me." How hilarious is that?! The best part is that she is married and her husband is a pastor!

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