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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner with the Che Family!

Once again, I was invited over for dinner at the Che's house! They are the family of one of my friend's students. This time, Julia (the mom) made Samgyupsal, which is one of my favorites! We all sat around the table for hours, talking and laughing together! Being there, with their family, is such a postive and rejuvinating experience!

After dinner, their son, Teju, told me he had a new hedgehog and asked if I wanted to see it! I had heard of SONIC the hedgehog, but never realized they actually existed! ...and apparently they're common pets in Korea, which I happen to think is one of the weirder things I've seen here!

It was a scary little guy, about the size of a sewer rat, who lived in a 2 x 2 box in their sunroom. They had never taken him out of the box, but agreed to let him walk around on their family room floor as long as I was the one who picked him up and put him there! I had to put on work gloves and pick him up with a towel, just in order to not get poked by his cactus like spikes!

As much as I would love to say that I was really brave and played with him... I can't. I basically stayed in this little floor chair the entire time, for fear he was going to run towards me and climb up my bare leg... Teju was the brave one!

The family (Teju/son, Me, Wendy/daughter, Julia/mom, Mr Che/dad, Ann/friend of the family, Emily/Rwandan University student who is living with them!)

The best part was when Pizza (that's it's name) left a little present for us on the floor! We all died laughing and realized it was time for him to go back to his box!

The Che family is one of the more welcoming families I've ever met. Their love for God flows out of everything they do! They are laid back, thoughtful, appreciative, nice to each other, funny, cultured, and just plain genuine people! I feel really lucky to have met them!

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