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Monday, October 19, 2009

Here, Have My Credit Card!

Yesterday, I was given my school's credit card to buy some bookshelves for my apartment!

I was shocked, to say the least, that they simply handed me the card and said I could buy whatever bookshelf I wanted without an Administrator to accompany me! Although, then it dawned on me that when I was the Office Manager at Millennium High School, I basically had the school credit card at my disposal because I was incharge of the $20,000 Maintenance and Opperation Budget and the $200,000+ Capital Budget and Dr Runyan (The principal) certainly never knew or cared about what I was buying with the money, because he trusted my bargain shopping skills and the way I always stayed in budget! He trusted me as if I were his own personal accountant! Maybe I should be some sort of accountant when I come back to the US! Sure seems like people trust me with their mula~!


  1. so thats where those new shoes came from...sneaky jill!

  2. Wow, Mr Witty is back! Where have you been?!