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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's meet for coffee... or acupuncture!

Jess is an AVID fan of Eastern medicine, and loves getting acupuncture as often as possible, so when we planned a dinner date with some friends near her acupuncture place, she asked if I wanted to come along! When I was living in the US, I was terrified of the idea of having needles stuck in my body, and didn't understand how it would help... but Koreans swear by it, and are usually healed of their ailments when they endulge in the procedure on a regular basis! So, even though I didn't have any ailments, I went along for the experience!

This is an upclose and personal picture of one of the needles, and the metal stickers they put next to them.

Jess was getting treated for her allergies... 2 needles into the nose, 2 on her legs, 2 in her hands, and 2 on her feet should do the trick! :)

Once they put the needles in, you have about 20 minutes to lay and relax. It's actually really serene... believe it or not!

These are my hands! If you double click on this picture, you can see the needles, the metal stickers, and the cigarette bud looking things that burn on the metal stickers. When they are almost burnt out, you have to yell for the nurse to come pull them off!

All in all, I had 10 needles! ...2 in my legs, 2 in my feet, 2 in my hands, 2 near my elbows, one in between my eyes, and one on the top of my head (That one felt really weird!) While I don't feel all that different, I still think I'll do it again! Heck for the equivalent of $4.50, it's nice to have the experience!


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to do acupuncture! I wish it were as widely available - and CHEAP - here as there!