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Friday, September 11, 2009

Dinner at Wendy's!

Last night, I was invited to dinner at a student's house!  This is VERY rare occassion, so I was excited to have the experience.  As much as I would love to say it was one of my own students, it actually wasn't.  It's a student of one of my English teacher friend's who works in a much more affluent area of town than I do.  He invited me to come along!

We had such an awesome time, and spent about 4 hours talking, eating, looking at pictures, etc!  They are a family of 5 who are some of the most open minded Koreans I've met... possibly because they have traveled the world!  They actually have a Kenyan girl living with them right now!  Her name is Emily, and she is an absolute doll.  She's 25 and we spent a long time talking with her about her life in Kenya. She originally came as an exchange student a year ago and met them at their church.  When she decided to come back to Korea for school, they offered her a room in their home and she has been living there ever since.    

Dinner was Bulgolgi and Bi Bim Bap, which are 2 of my favorite Korean dishes!  The wife, who's English name is Julia, spent over 3 hours the night before, chopping all the vegetables and preparing the food.  

This is Wendy, my friend's student!

This is Julia, one of the greatest women in Korea!  

During dinner, they invited us to go hiking with them in October to a mountain on our side of town that fills with beautiful fall colored leaves!   Julia offered to make a picnic for us, with all our favorite Korean food!  She loves to cook and told us we could come over ANYTIME for dinner at their home!   How awesome is that!?!

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