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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Christmas in October!

Looks like Santa came to my apartment in Pusan, huh?!

Korea is definitely living up to it's "Dynamic Korea" slogan!   Yesterday, Stella (my co-teacher) informed me that she and I were going to be leaving school early to go shopping for things for my apartment!  Funny that this is happening after I was told there was no money left in my budget to even buy a few bowls and plates a couple months back.  As it turns out, there is PLENTY of money in the budget... 1,300,000 won worth, which is approximately $1000 US dollars!

So, today, Stella and I went to Lotte and did some serious shopping!  We filled an entire cart with whatever I desired for my apartment and ordered a bigger bed and some furniture to be delivered next week!  I felt like I was a contestant on Supermarket Sweep!  (Remember that show?)  Last week was an awesome work week, but I think with having Friday off work this week, and getting to go shopping with school money, on school time, THIS ONE DEFINITELY TAKES THE CAKE!  I don't remember ever getting to do stuff like this at Millennium! 

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