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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Railay Beach (Krabi)

FYI: I added more pictures to yesterdays blog of Ko Phi Phi (at the bottom).

So, yesterday afternoon, I realized that my friends are in Krabi, not Ko Phi Phi, so I took another cruise boat for an hour and a 1/2 to get to where they are.

When we arrived at Krabi, the boat stopped really far from the shore, and we had the big wooden boats come and pick us up... but they stopped far from the shore too, so we walked in the water with all our backpacks! Only in Thailand!

This area of Thailand makes me think of Jamaica. Everyone loves Bob Marley, smoking weed (yes, smoking weed - you can buy it at the local bars - not that I did!), and it's a much slower pace than Ko Phi Phi.

Last night, I had dinner here (at Skunk Bar) I ordered the food from Mama's kitchen, next door, but ate it here with the manager of the bar. Apparently it's suppossed to be the best in the area. Beautful huh?! I layed on bamboo mats with pillows and there was a beatiful, gigantic tree hanging above me! Incredible!

My dinner mates! The one on the right is Bob (I named him because he has really long dreds, and looks like Marley!) He's the owner of skunk bar (next to Mama's kitchen).
After dinner, I played pool with this local kid. He's 17 and works at this bar. The pool tables in Thailand are HUGE and the balls are a lot smaller. I was horrible! For those of you who know Vinnie Gagliano... This kid was the Thai version of Vinnie! He was awesome!

This is the arm of a guy named Matt, who is visiting from Australia. He got this tattoo bamboo style (earlier that day), where they wrap needles around a stick of bamboo and just go at it! 18 hours of work!
... This is my hotel! It's called the Diamond Cave Resort and Spa and it was 16 dollars a night! My "mini house" is right behind this pool. You can see the yellow in the background.
Here's another picture of it. It's about a 2 minute walk from the beach. :)

... and this, my friends, is a trani named Jessi. They are EVERYWHERE and they are all as scary looking as this one!

Jess, Carlos, Kristen, Gino, and Maria are on a boat excursion until later tonight, so I'm still all alone. Although, I'll be honest... I'm getting used to it, and am being very brave! Today I'm going to a beach that's suppossed to be beautiful! ... not sure the name. I'm also going to see some caves, and hopefully some wild monkeys that live in them. Should be a great day! I'm off to have Thai Pancakes for breakfast.... mmmm mmmm mmmm!

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  1. Okay, I am amazed by you. Whee do I even start?!?! How do you find your friends without a cell phone? I'm glad you "realized" where they were. You seem to be getting around just fine - does everyone speak English? Stay safe! :)