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Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'm gonna be honest here for a second... I'm pretty proud of myself! I successfully navigated the 1st and 2nd largest airports in the world (by myself), managed to be invited to stay (for free) with some univ. students in a guest house in Hong Kong, rode a high speed train, took an adorable Hong Kong taxi, saw one of the most beautiful night scenes I've ever seen, ate at a mexican restaurant (finally!!!), stayed awake to see the city until 4:30am and woke up at 6 to make it to the airport where I caught my plane and slept the entire way! Can you blame me?! I'd call that a pretty succesfull past 16 hours!

My flight from Bangkok to Phuket will be leaving in 1 hour an 15 minutes. From there I'm going to have to figure out how to find a bus to get to Krabi (approx 2 hours), then a taxi to one of the ports, and then a speed boat that will take me to Tonsai Beach, where i will be meeting jess, carlos, kristen, maria, and jess's brother. I''m not gonna lie, I'm terrified! but, Ive gotta put my brave face on and just do it!!!

until next time....


  1. From having maneuvered a lot of transportation around Guatemala, I definitely know what you mean when you say you feel proud of yourself! Good luck with the rest, have fun! : )

    BTW, did I miss something? Where's Kevin?

  2. You are so adventerous and I am so proud of you!! You are creating some amazing memories. Just don't think too hard about what you're doing and it will all work out. ;)