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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Girls Night #2: The Carnival Extravaganza!

Jessica, Kristen, Kate and I have all decided that we need a night to ourselves to talk about life, encourage each other, and ultimately have fun together! Last Friday was our 2nd night of the weekly tradition. The first week, we had dinner together at a vegetarian restaurant and then watched "LOVE ACTUALLY" at a DVD Bang. Last Friday, we started off the night at Kristen's apartment in Gwangali, where she cooked some bulgolgi, which is a famous korean dish! Then, at about 9pm, we walked to the beach and strolled along the boardwalk to the east end, where there is a makeshift carnival of sorts.

We paid the eqivalent of 50 cents to drive this oversized stuffed animal around the main area... It's feet actually move, as if it's walking. I was trying to run over Jess, while she was taking our pictures!

After that, we got brave and tried out the bull!

Jess was quite the pro

After we each had our turn at the bull riding, we walked around and spotted the gem of all gems... a trampioline area, with 4 trampolines all attached to each other - 1 for each of us! I begged the young guy to let us jump for free for a couple minutes, and whala - we were in! That's me in the background, on the right, doing a back flip!

Then, we found ourselves completely shocked at what we saw! This ride was the craziest ride and would NEVER EVER EVER be allowed at a carnival in America. There were no seatbelts, and the thing spinned around super fast and then would bounce, sending people flying in the air!

And lastly, the Crazy Flip ride was definitely CRAZY! The ride was about 2-4 stories tall, and would flip and angle itself all crazy... It should have been called WHIPLASH, since that's basically what it did!

All in all, it was a great night wih great friends! Can't wait to see what we come up with for next week!

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