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Friday, July 10, 2009

Fresh veggies - Whenever I want them!!!

What could be better than a garden at my school where I am free to pick and eat whatever I want?  Well, I can think of a lot of things that could be better... but I still think it's pretty awesome!  Yesterday, after lunch, I went out and picked all of these cherry tomatoes.  My vice principal loves to go to the garden with me and tell me about all the vegetables.  He's the one who told me to pick the orange and green tomatoes.  I knew they wouldn't taste good, but I did as I was told. :)

While we were out there, he pointed to this planter and asked me what I thought it was? My immediate reaction was to think it was giant grass (Am I a city girl or what?) After a little game of "What's the 1st letter... What's the 2nd letter?"  I finally guessed it.  Turns out it's RICE. 

While we're on the topic of my school, I'll throw these pics in too!  :)  I write a lot about the lush mountain behind my school that I can see out the windows when I'm teaching...  This is where all the dragonflies live.  :) 
One of my favorite things about my school is... depending on which window you look out, you get a completely different view!  In the back of the school, you see the lush mountain (pic above).  On the side of the school, you can see the port and the ocean...

... and in the front of the school you can see the village, which reminds me of my trips to Mexico and Italy! :)  There's a 10 minute break between all of the classes. You can almost always find me standing at this window watching the kids play soccer and enjoying the view!

I know most of you get a kick out of seeing things spelled wrong.  I found this sign at my school.  It's a huge sign on the staircase that was created by a professional company who provides English vocabulary signs to local schools.  Since when was Badminton spelled "Bedminton"??

Last, but certainly not least...  I had to include this pictures, because I think it's so adorable.  This is the bathroom adjacent to the kindergarden room.  Notice, all of the bathroom doors are cut in half, so the teachers can see and make sure everything is going okay in there... 

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