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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dr Ken's Toothpaste

One of the guys who works in our Administration office came to my classroom this morning with 2 pieces of paper. 1 was a print out from an English website that sold Dr. Ken's toothpaste, and the other was something he had typed in Korean, and then translated into English with a translating system. Although, this is proof that translating programs don't always work, because this is what the paper said,

"even if one? Read it for me. It buys this product and, Substitution petty the possibility to purchase it is. The money will pay entrusts here and now with the Korean money."

At first, I thought he was selling toothpaste as a side job, so I pulled out my wallet and said, "Hana (One) cinnamon flavor." He laughed, and said, "Aniyo, Aniyo (No, no). As it turns out, he was asking me to buy it with my US dollars from an English website for him, and he would pay me back in Korean won. I have no idea how we finally figured each other out, but we did it!

1 Dr. Ken's spearmint toothpaste coming right up!!

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